Reduce Your Mess. Ease Your Stress.

The Bag Holder is an essential new kitchen container that holds gallon-sized and vacuum type storage bags open. Allows you to easily pour, store, transfer and assemble food with little to no clean up.

The Bag Holder turns any gallon bag into a bowl . No more dishes, no  more clean up and you can make meals in half the time.

You can…..

  • keep foods fresh longer and create less waste
  • create No Mess Meals in Minutes with over 250 videos on Youtube of great meals to make.
  • enjoy having kids help in the kitchen
  • use a gallon bag anywhere you use a bowl
  • mix, mash, blend, knead and crush allowing you to replace all bowls with TBH
  • assemble freezer meals in half the time
  • marinate meat and never touch raw meat again
  • minimize the space needed for food storage
  • microwave meals effortlessly and safely
  • wash, reuse and recycle the storage bags
  • easily fill and pipe foods by using the Snip the Tip method
  • conveniently breakdown and store bulk items
  • pipe and fill pastries, cupcakes and pastas by creating a piping bag


  • acrylic makes it virtually unbreakable and BPA free
  • heat resistent-microwave safe to reheat
  • heavy duty and sturdy weighing more than a pound
  • chef and mom made
  • 103 recipe book-included
  • 2 colors to choose from-blue or mocha
  • Youtube video loaded daily to see What’s for dinner-250 videos
  • kids in the kitchen recipe book with 50 recipes-optional
  • ebook available on our blog
  • made in the USA

Order The Bag Holder Today!

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