The Bag Holder was designed in 2006 by Kara Anderson and her mother Carol Blodgett. bagholder

Kara, a mom of 2 young children was a personal chef and her mom the “personal assistant” needed a way to make mass meals in minutes for the families she cared for without making a huge mess. Using a gadget in the kitchen that would stay open when adding ingredients, store leftovers and help assemble the meals was a necessity.

Thus, The Bag Holder was created, designed and prototypes were made.

It changed the way they did everything in the kitchen from start to finish and even her kids loved mixing the meals they made. It truly was like having another  assistant in the kitchen. The thought of making memories without the mess with her children was a huge bonus. They began the patent process in 2006 but the price of creating, inventing and marketing a business was more than expected and they placed the idea in their “basket list” and continued working to care for families.

In 2009, Kara was diagnosed with breast cancer and after surgery, chemo, radiation and continued treatment,  she started a network of cleaning providers that offer free house cleaning to families who have children diagnosed with a serious illness or injury called Cleaning with a Meaning. It was founded by the company she runs today.

With all the health concerns and unknown possibilities she realized there was no time like today to get The Bag Holder in every home.  In 2010, Carol and Kara got back on track and with the help of social media and running a successful cleaning and errand service company they were ready to take on the challenge again.

Carol and Kara want to bring back the joy of working together in the kitchen without wasting added time in the process. Every home can find a use for The Bag Holder and the way families can all pitch in is wonderful to watch. Like the old saying “Where ever I serve my guests they seem to like my kitchen best” but as Kara says it should have said “they like to clean my kitchen best” because using The Bag Holder makes mess free meals every time you use it.

“I don’t just want to wade through life but I would rather make the waves that others wade in.” ~ Kara Anderson

Kara and Carol work hard to help others and to remain close as a family.

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