“I finally knew The Bag Holder had secured a permanent place in my kitchen when I went to cook dinner last night. Without even thinking about it, I reached for the Bag Holder to prepare a chicken and rice recipe I’ve made before using regular bowls. It wasn’t until I added the last ingredient that I even realized that I had changed the way I cook, bake, and store food. Thank you Kara for sharing this simple yet innovative kitchen tool with me. It’s a true multi-tasker that would make even Alton Brown proud.”

~ Jennifer Sabin Lakeland, Family Musings

“I had the opportunity to use a prototype of The Bag Holder while preparing and cleaning up Easter dinner.  It made things so much easier.  It was nice not having to say “Honey, could you come hold this for me?”, except of course when she said, “Honey, if you are done with The Bag Holder, can I use it?”  It is easy to see how this is going to change the way we move and do things in the kitchen.”

~ Randy Tompkins

“To know that I would never have to touch a piece of meat again was the reason I wanted to purchase The Bag Holder.  We marinate our meat and the only thing to clean is a fork-no need to sanitize storage containers or seasoning bottles each time.  Now I can minimize all those storage containers since the only item I need is a bag!”

~ Bernice Vallejo, St. Mary’s, Georgia

Storing Bulk Rice

New Meaning to Doggie Bags

Cleaning Up the Backyard BBQ

Omelettes in a Bag

The Bag Holder using Seal a Meal Bags

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